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Submarine missions seem to be a lot less frequent than they were on the PTR. Ghostly spyglass equipment.

Added a link to the Soulbind calculator. Added new costume color variations and the new Hearthstone toy. Updated trinket recommendations, including Dungeon and crafted trinkets.

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Page overhauled for Shadowlands.

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Clarified weapon enchants, updated Sharpening Stones in consumables.

The Opening Ceremony is here!
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Added more Anima Powers.

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Loot eligibility information added. Added Night Fae Niya tree and updated covenant rankings.

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Relentless Inquisitor can now be crafted by all specs.

Updated all rotations with new talent. Updated Blazing Barrier tooltip.

BWL, ZG, AQ, and NAX can be completed at. Updated the Explosive Shot Talent rotation explanation.

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Added tips for Heroic mode and below. Wild hunt will passively or after heroic strategy from results. The RNG has been removed and they now have specific drop locations. Paladin community to make these resources available.

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Updated Prismatic Barrier description. Fixed a missing comment about Smite and the Shadowlands Mana addition.

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Added Horde location for Pygmy Cow. Remove huntsman psychic link bug.

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Guide updated for Shadowlands launch.

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Marks a random nearby player before throwing a spear at them moments later, dealing a minor amount of damage to anyone along the path.

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Updated recommendations and added more clarification based on covenant and legendary choices.

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We assumed that this would be fixed before release, but it was not so we amended the guide.

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