Great Leap Forward Worksheet

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Test Preparation Universities Why were Lin Bao and the PLA so important in this period?

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Asks students about structure and new nation is considered as the worksheet that are emblazoned on economic standing and national identities. The Nationalists retreated to the island of and set up the______________________.

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Hopefully will be a good revision resource if students maintain throughout the course. China would have an economy that rivaled America.

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Sometimes rural people were sent to the city.

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After the Allied victory, the civil war resurfaced, but this time at the advantage of the CCP. Cover all the sub heading sections on these pages.

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Jackie Robinson was the first player to break through the racial barrier in Major League Baseball.

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After years of fighting, the Kuomintang decided to destroy the communists once and for all. He was meant that socialist government.

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Discrimination against color, race and nationality is still on going is several countries such as south Africa.

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Khmer Rouge Genocidal Regime in Cambodia.