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Diagnosing diseases, looking for better healthcare providers or just going for a checkup? Make your resume as accurate as possible. Laziness is not a quality I look for in prospective candidates.

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CONTINUE READING More Stories If you do decide to use colours, opt for pale blue or grey.

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You need to understand who will be looking at the resume and design for that audience. Depending on the season, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a lighter shade of suit, especially during the spring or summer. Learn about what a Color Technician does, skills, salary, and how you can become one in the future.

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Find out more about how to put a photo on your resume and if you should include it or not. Researching the company ahead of time will help you choose colors that showcase your ability to fit in with their team.

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There are some exceptions to this like Federal cover letters which tend to be longer due to other requirements, always read the job description.

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In addition to polishing your resume and interview skills, selecting the right clothing is an important element of finding a new job.

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